Updating is a must!

“Behold, we are coming back.”

It’s been more than a year since MagiTek’s last album release and site news. An update on things leading to this PRESENT DAY, PRESENT TIME is long overdue.

Quartz and J have been working on an assortment of songs and rocking occasional performances, now joined by the relatively new member Glitch! Hailing from the Carolinas, he’s something of an Altered Beast eager to get live and hype the MTek. Since last fall he’s already been well involved in the production of upcoming material, and with new energy in the mix they head on to the next stage.

A new album should be completed sometime in this third quarter of 2012, which is shaping up to have 10+ tracks, including some already known songs like “Twisting Nether”, “Deep Space Step” and “Mage Chicks”. To name a few.¬†Beyond that, there’s enough music in the works for probably two albums (says Quartz), but with a wide variety and many still far from complete, chances are this material will end up spread across a few different projects. More info regarding those…eventually. ALSO: See the Shows section for some upcoming dates when MagiTek will be getting live and spittin’ rhymes, first in Gainesville then Orlando around Nerdapalooza Weekend. And later on in October during the Away Mission!

This is the 4th (or 5th?) version of MagiTek Online. A revamp fusing old and new sites with a blog-ish layout . Here’s to it pleasing your eyes or at least being nicely navigable. Explore for more info, media, and bonus clicks. A wondrous image gallery and more should be added soon. Drop a line in the contact section if you find anything odd. Well, odder than usual.