Collabs and Compilations

The following are mostly collaborations with other artists that have been included on compilations, and a few for their own respective albums.


Friendly Fire appears on Rhyme Torrents Volume 9 – Disc 2. A TYT banger featuring Quartz Relic.

Sad Duck appears on The Official Duck Hunt HD Remix Soundtrack. Composed by Untested Methods, featuring Quartz Relic.

IMA GOOF appears on Rhyme Torrents Volume 9 – Disc 1. ‘Tis an Emergency Pizza Party song that features Shamus Oddish as well as Rappy McRapperson and ZombieK.


The Hatz are Out Tonight appears on The Hatcore EP. This song features Thugmasta J as well as Don Vito and Stevie Kincade.

Three Wolves Howling at the Moon appears on Rhyme Torrents Halloween 4. It features Shamus Oddish as well as B-TypeMC Wreckshin, and Chozo Ninpo.

It Is What It Is appears on Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo Disc 1. The beat was made by Peppermint Pony and features Thugmasta J and Attack Slug.

Haunting You appears on Rhyme Torrents Halloween 4. The beat was made by Whole Milk and features Thugmasta J and MC Wreckshin.

I Like Anime appears on Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo Disc 2. The beat was made by Majin Wreck and features MagiTek as well as IllGillRandomKabuto the Python, and Emperor Pilaf.

Quality Control Deez Nutz appears on Rhyme Torrents Halloween 4 as a bonus track. It features Shamus Luigi as well as B-TypeMiss 1337Fanaticalyn, and MC Wreckshin.


Solid Infiltration appears on 8-Bit Diagrams. The 8-Bit Boys featuring Quartz Relic.

The Escapists appears on Snogs. It’s a B-Type song that features Thugmasta J along with Whoremoans and MC Cool Whip.

 (2007 and earlier)

Skyscraper appears on Rhyme Torrents Volume 6. Produced as they both entered the nerdcore community. A MagiTek song featuring Krondor Krew.

Gotcha Ladies was made on a hilarious whim back in the day and has appeared nowhere. It features MagiTek and Masurao.

Stranded was released as a standalone track but more recently appeared on Scrub Club’s Noncents Vol. 11. It’s a Krondor Krew song featuring MagiTek and ZealouS1.


Done for other artists.

Pan to the man – Quartz Relic Mix is a remix of a Stevie Kincade song. It appears on Six Slug Remixes.

Last Man Standing Ft TyT – Thugmasta J Mix is a remix of a Stevie Kincade song. It appears on Six Slug Remixes.

Wireless (Thugmasta J’s Punch the Modem Remix) is a remix of a B-Type song. It appears on Sneaks.

Green With Envy (QR’s Green Noise Remix) is a hard rock remix of a B-Type song. It appears on Sneaks.

Penis Monologues (Thug J’s Malicious Masterbation Mix) is a remix of an mCRT song.