Sample It. Loop It. Fuck It. Eat It. (2011)

A no holds barred celebration of derivatives and influences. After years of embracing numerous artists off the beaten path, it was high time to make this project happen. Part tribute, part jacked, plus original raw tracks. And everything spreads out from the core of MagiTek sound: a unique form of electro hip-hop, still branded as “Dimensional Rhythm”.   SLFE IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Odd Entities (2009)



Distorting Reality For Better Perception (2006)

This album came after 3 years spent sporadically composing, recording, rerecording, mixing, and even remixing. Besides the crude, sometimes meager vocals, and lo-fi sound, it still maintains a unique quality. This was due to the many diversions and distractions Quartz and J encountered along the path (of heroes).

The title accurately depicts a theme that runs though out the hour long disc. That being distorting reality by escaping into fantasy, by indulging in creativity, and even manipulating the ideas of time and space altogether (?!). Half of the tracks are lyrical pieces in a geek-noise rap style, the rest are instrumental glimpses into the old school M-Tek mythos. Scattered within are samples too numerous to list, along with some strange guest spots.  DRFBP is currently unavailable.

Primal era old M-Tek

Overflow (2002)

Galactic Automatic (2002)

Power Undefined (2000)

These albums are no longer available due to being ancient and underdeveloped. The quality…not so good. But they remain listed here for the sake of memory and completion.