Quartz Relic

Savor the savior!

The tech freak guru geek who brings forth much of MagiTek’s music, as well as a great deal of vocals, concepts, and art. From his beginnings experimenting with cassette tape cuts to his current tools and skills, the Relic can be a embraces creative passion. Never too satisfied to slow the ride, while avoiding the trite…and seeking fresh energy sources. QR remains an audio addicted, mythmaking, beat-breaking, lyric laminator.

Thugmasta J 

Contributing heavily to the lyrical, conceptual, and artistic aspects of the group, J’s been there since it began. Always ready to drop a rhyme and make the track shine. Musically, he has come to provide many beats and spark numerous songs. He’s laid the groundwork for a lot of art and websites, not only for MagiTek but his own comics and related projects. J is widely known for making flavor statements.

Son of a Glitch

 Glitch is chaos at its purest. He loves whipping crowds into a frenzy with his own brand of wild antics and crazy lyrics. Always ready for a challenge, he is new to the crew but worth paying attention to. Full of ideas, moxie, and sometimes crap, he brings a new dimension to the MTek sound.

Non-active and past members:

Shamus Oddish

Mathaeis/Quad Nine