MagiTek is a musical project that has grown over the years into what could be best considered an electronica/hip-hop/nerdcore group.

In the early 00’s, the founding duo of Quartz Relic and Thugmasta J began producing music that was shared mostly through friends, locals in Port St. Lucie, Florida, and for a brief time over the internet. Made up of instrumental pieces, skits, and a few rap songs, their earliest collections were crudely developed, mostly focused on geeky subject matters inspired by breakbeat, house, synth-rock, and video game music. A strange series of concepts, mythos, and inside jokes began to develop alongside ambitious soundscapes with amateur production.

After a lengthy period of trying to produce something with a bit more thought behind it, the album “Distorting Reality For Better Perception” was completed in 2006, with contributions by longtime friends Shamus Oddish and Mathaeis. It was the cumulative result of MagiTek’s roots, being still very rough in some ways, but fun-spirited and experimental.

Over the next year (2007) they became heavily involved with the steadily rising nerdcore scene, refining the style of the group to include more hip hop elements, as well as live performances. Playing a few shows (amongst them the first version of Nerdapalooza) and connecting with other Florida based acts paved the way for MagiTek to be more active, vocal oriented, and gain more recognition.

In ’09, the “Odd Entities” EP was released to a largely positive response, with favored tracks such as “Gold Teef for Err Body” and “16-Bit Wizardry”. The group continued working on a variety of individual tracks and collaborations with friends and other artists. Some have appeared on Rhyme Torrents and Nerdcore Now releases, as well as compilations like GM4A/Scrub Club’s “Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo”.

More recently: the mixtape-ish “Sample It. Loop It. Fuck It. Eat It.” album was released in 2011. MagiTek has had thousands of online downloads, played numerous shows throughout the state of Florida, and contributed songs for use in an iphone game.  Quartz and J are now joined live and in the studio by newcomer Glitch, with much in store for the future…